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content_mom_and_babyWhat is Otolaryngology?


While otolaryngology may appear to be a difficult word to say and spell, it is quite simply “the study of the ear, nose and throat.”

Often referred to as an otolaryngologist or ENT, our eight board certified physicians have completed an additional fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology, which paired with their many years of experience, provide them with exceptional expertise and knowledge to care for your child.

In addition, our physicians provide the highest quality of compassionate care to you and your child, utilizing appropriate pediatric standards for both common and complex problems in otolaryngology, and head and neck surgery.

Joining the physicians to care for your child are pediatric trained nurse practitioners, physician assistants and audiologists. As collaborative team members with the best interests of your family in mind, PENTA strives to always put your child first.

From tonsils to tubes to cochlear implantation or complex head and neck surgery, PENTA is the pediatric provider of choice, and our comprehensive pediatric ENT expertise can make a difference in the care you receive.

For additional information on conditions or problems treated, or to arrange a consultation, please call our office at 404-255-2033.


Procedures for the ear including implantable hearing devices (cochlear implant, bone-conduction implant), mastoid and middle ear surgery, hearing screens, hearing loss evaluation and management, conventional hearing aids, and otitis media diagnosis and treatment.


Evaluation of nasal conditions with medical and surgical therapy including septoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, turbinate surgery, adenoidectomy, and choanal atresia repair.

Throat Surgery

Evaluation and management of throat conditions including oral cavity lesions, tonsil and adenoid disease, swallowing disorders, airway evaluation and management, and airway reconstructive surgery.

Airway Surgery

Procedures to improve breathing difficulty and airway obstructions.

Sleep Apnea Surgery

One or a combination of procedures, including Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Septoplasty, Inferior turbinate reduction, Tongue reduction, and Lingual tonsillectomy in order to treat mild to severe Sleep Apnea.