Pediatric Hearing Center at PENTA

When it comes to choosing where to refer your child or your patients, you can be confident in the audiologists at the Pediatric Hearing Center at Pediatric ENT of Atlanta. Our Pediatric Audiologists are committed to providing comprehensive assessment and treatment using evidence-based practice. We approach each family with the understanding that the needs of every child are unique and that we are here to meet those individual needs.

Because early identification of hearing loss is essential for a child’s development of speech and language, at PENTA, our goal is to provide an intervention with amplification as early as possible. Our pediatric audiologists work in conjunction with a team of professionals to assist the families in meeting the child’s communication needs. We also work to assist the families in obtaining funding toward the payment of hearing aids through various programs.

What is a Pediatric Audiologist?

Audiologists are professionals who have received a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.), or Master’s degree from an accredited university graduate program in audiology. Audiologists are licensed and certified to assess and diagnose, manage, and treat hearing and balance disorders. 

Pediatric Audiologists are Audiologists who specialize in helping children with hearing tests, diagnosis of hearing loss or impairment, recommending treatment or hearing devices, and the process of cochlear implantation and devices.

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