Swimmer’s Plugs for Children


Custom swim molds may be recommended for patients who spend a significant amount of time in water. They are typically worn by individuals who are prone to external ear canal infections, tympanic membrane perforations or PE tubes are swimming in unchlorinated water. This type of mold is custom made specifically for the patient’s ear. An ear impression will be taken in office and shipped out to be made. The molds are available in a variety of colors. It may take about 2-4 weeks for custom swim molds to be made and delivered to the patient.


Docs Pro Plugs are an alternative option to custom swim plugs for patients to utilizing while bathing, showering or surface swimming. They are typically recommended for patients who are prone to external ear canal infections, tympanic membrane perforations or PE tubes. These fitted plugs come in multiple sizes to ensure a watertight seal that contours with the movement of the jaw. The patient will be sized in office and may take them home the same-day.


Custom ear molds are often recommended for pediatric hearing aid patients. Ear molds not only ensure the acoustic signal of the hearing aid is routed into the ear canal, they also assist in retention of the hearing aid to the child’s ear. Ear molds come in a variety of shapes and colors depending on the patient’s acoustic needs. They can be paired with behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids as well as receiver-in-the-canal/ receiver-in-the-ear (RIC/RITE) hearing aids.


Custom hearing protection is recommended for patients who are exposed to loud sounds that can damage their hearing; either temporarily or permanently. and cause noise-induced hearing loss.