The medical team at PENTA also includes advanced practice providers (APPs),  who work collaboratively with the physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide quality care to your child.

PENTA’s APP medical team consists of physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs), who have trained intensively in pediatric otolaryngology and/or have earned a master’s degree in the field of nursing.

APPs conduct physical examinations, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, develop treatment plans,  order and interpret tests, as well as counsel and instruct patients on preventive health care.

As a PENTA patient, your child may be scheduled with an APP for the following appointment types:

  • Initial evaluations
  • Pre-operative visits
  • Hospital evaluations and follow-ups
  • Routine in-office follow-up visits
  • Follow-up surgery visits (post-ops)
  • Problem visits (ex: ear drainage)

APPs are able to manage and evaluate problems in collaboration with the physician and are trained to recognize when patients need the attention of a supervising doctor or another specialist.

For more information on PENTA’s APP team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, please select from the list below:

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Appointment Line
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