What is an airway reconstruction?

Airway reconstructions are procedures aimed at enlarging/repairing the windpipe and/or voice box.  This is most often done for narrow airways (stenosis).

The two most common reasons for a narrow airway are:

  • Scarring of the airway from prolonged intubation (breathing tube)
  • Congenital malformations of the voice box cartilage.

Most children who require an airway procedure already have a tracheotomy tube in place (breathing tube passing through the neck into the windpipe) in order to breathe. Reconstructions are also used in other situations to repair defects created after airway trauma or resection of tumors or congenital obstructions located in the airway.

What is comprehensive airway care and why is it so important?

Treatment success depends on accurately diagnosing the problem and any associated factors that may influence treatment success.  Treatment must be individualized in each child to provide the best chance for long term recovery.

This is why a comprehensive (global) approach including ENT, pulmonology, gastroenterology (GI), and pediatric surgical services was developed to individualize a medical and surgical treatment plan for each child.

PENTA has more than twenty years of tertiary level (complex) airway experience in this practice, and our approach is shared with a number of leading institutions across the country.

As the primary source of airway support for the Pediatric, Neonatal, and Technology Dependent Intensive Care Units of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, the physicians at PENTA have a unique level of expertise with even the most severe airway issues.

Working closely with other pediatric subspecialists to provide the best possible comprehensive care, children are given the individual attention and care they require in order to optimize their chances for long term success.

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