Q: I’ve already registered for the portal. How do I access it? Penta_MyPentaButton
A: Go to https://childrensent.myezyaccess.com

Q: I am able to view one of my child’s information, but I can’t view the sibling(s).
A: Call our office and inform the staff that you’ve registered for the patient portal, and you would like your other children added to your guarantor access.

Q: I’ve created a password, but when I enter my child’s DOB and gender, I receive an error message.
A: This is for guarantor use only. Please enter your date of birth (DOB) and gender.

Q: I’ve entered both my DOB and my gender and I received an error message.
A: If you receive this error message, please contact the office at 404.255.2033.

Q: My child is not a patient, yet I would like to schedule an appointment. Should I submit a portal request first?
A: No. Portal requests are for registered patients only. Please contact our office at 404.255.2033.

Q: I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
A: Go to the portal homepage at https://childrensent.myezyaccess.com and select Forgot your password?

Q: How do I update my address?
A: Log in and select the Profile tab. Here you can update your address, pharmacy and insurance information.

Q: Once I completed the forms and updated the profile information, I received a message stating that it takes one business day for this information to be processed. My child’s appointment is today (or tomorrow). What should I do?
A: Call the office and inform the staff that you’ve completed the information online and provide them with your appointment time.

For any additional information on the patient portal, please call our office at 404-255-2033.