Not only a highly regarded physician with expertise in both simple and complex ear, nose and throat issues, Matthew Whitley has dedicated his life to caring for all children. As a father of three crazy boys who fill up his every spare moment, Dr. Whitley is committed to caring for your child as well as his own.

His treatment philosophy is simple—“I treat your child no differently than I would my own. That is my benchmark.  You have entrusted me to care for your child and that is my job, plain and simple.”

Dr. Whitley recognizes that illness and the prospect of surgery is frightening, particularly when it involves your own child, and he works diligently to see that anxiety and fear is minimized in the office, in the operating room and during your child’s recovery.

As a Yale Medical School graduate, Dr. Whitley has trained with some of the brightest and best physicians in the country. He has taken that experience and training and applied its value, paired effective communication, to his daily interactions with you and your child.

In order to focus specifically on children, Dr. Whitley participated in a two year fellowship in Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after medical school. This provided him with the desire and the knowledge to exclusively see children in his practice.

“Kids are funny and hearing the crazy things they come up with always keeps me on my toes and is what I love about this job.”

When not in the office, Dr. Whitley can be found running around East Cobb with his wife and boys, attending UGA football games or making music with his guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizers. His mother once told him he couldn’t be a doctor if he played around with music, but here he is today—ears, nose, throats and rock ‘n roll.

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