What is The Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention (UNHSI) Program?

UNHSI is a program that ensures that all babies born in Georgia are screened for hearing loss at birth. UNHSI requires a re-screen either at the hospital prior to discharge or as an outpatient visit for babies who do not pass the initial hearing screen. UNHSI recommends that a diagnostic ABR appointment be scheduled for all babies who do not pass the re-screen for identification of hearing loss as early as possible. Diagnostic ABR testing should be completed by 3 months of age, and if hearing aids are recommended, we want to fit them before 6 months of age, if possible.

To make an appointment for a diagnostic ABR appointment for a baby who did not pass the newborn re-screen, call 404-255-2033 or 404-591-1884.

For more information on the Auditory Brainstem Response Testing.