For your convenience two types of ear plugs are available for purchase at all PENTA locations.

Doc’s Pro Plugs    Doc's Swim plugs

  • Hypo-allergenic swim plugs
  • Provide a watertight seal during water activities
  • Pre-sized
  • Available in pink or blue

In order to purchase Doc’s Pro Plugs, the child’s ear will need to be sized by an audiologist at PENTA to ensure an appropriate fit.

  • Younger children who are mostly “surface swimmers” and aren’t as adventurous in the water usually find the Doc’s Pro Plugs a suitable choice for water protection.
  • Often, older children who dive or swim more than one foot below the surface of the water require a more advanced form of water protection.

Custom Ear Plugs

  • Keep an older, more active child’s ear dry during swimming
  • Made of silicone material
  • Create an exact replica of a child’s ear.
  • An impression is taken of the child’s ear and is sent to the manufacturer for processing.
  • A variety of color options are available including neon colors, stripes, polka dots, and multiple colors swirled together for a more personal feel.

Swim Band-It

An additional water precaution available is a Swim Band-It

  • A neoprene headband which is fully-adjustable with a Velcro closure
  • Available is several sizes and colors
  • Can be used in conjunction with ear plugs for better retention during swimming.

Please find more information on water precautions following tympanoplasty tube placement.

Call 404-591-1884 for more information on swimmer or musician ear plugs or to schedule an appointment with an audiologist to have your child sized for ear plugs. Pricing for each of the above items is also available.